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Obeng Boxer's Unlimited

Breed Information

Boxers are a popular breed of dog is mid-sized, with a very square jaw and naturally floppy ears that are very often surgically altered to make them stand up. They are a naturally very intelligent breed with a characteristic short nose and slight under-bite. They have long, muscular legs and deep chests for resonant barking.

They are very good with children and very trainable. Though they have a reputation for being strong willed, this is usually a result of owners who were too indulgent when they were puppies.

Boxers have been used for running animals to the ground and holding them there until their masters arrive with a gun to dispatch the creature that isn't a dog. Their ancestors once were trained upon bears (just like Pit Bulls or Staffordshire Terriers), and Boxers can take on deer or pigs. Today they rarely are used for such hunting adventures. Instead they are used as police dogs as well as service, guide and therapy functions. They can be easily trained to be good with people if socialized well as early in life as possible.

They are always brown or brindle with white and black markings. Dark markings are very likely around the face and eyes. Some dogs are born with an overabundance of white markings that are often accompanied by deafness in some dogs. They can also be born appearing to be black, but what you are seeing is a reverse brindle meaning that underline color is black with the fawn stripes, or reserves sealed brindle is where the coat does not have distinct striping appearing to be black but if you look closely you can see a fawn tent within the coat.

As a breed, Boxers are very loyal and fun loving dogs with a generally calm nature after they mature at about two or three years. Boxers are very loving with their families and will fiercely defend them from theft or attack. Their loyalty extends to other animal members of the family, dog or other pet.

As such, Boxers are now among the most popular breeds in the United States. Because there are so many dogs being bred to keep up with the demand, the breed now has quite a few disorders that they are particularly prone to. These include specific cancers, hip dysplasia, and bloat as well as diet related allergies. It's best to have a large yard with a stout fence for containing your Boxer. They are very capable hunting dogs that are bred to get the job done.

Boxers originated from Germany their Life Span is 10 to 12 years. When it comes to temperament they are devoted, loyal, energetic, calm, fear less, and a confident breed. Height of the female is 21-24 inches, and the height for male are 22-25 inches.