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Obeng Boxer's Unlimited

Vistiation Policy

I have been advised by my vets and other breeders that the general public should not be allowed inside our home and that puppies should not be picked up by new owners until they are 8 weeks of age at which time they have had their first or second puppy vaccination and some immunity has built up against infectious diseases and illnesses. . There is a real danger that diseases can migrate into our home and puppies that are not yet vaccinated will be susceptible to these viruses and bacteria.

I thought at first the no visitation policy was due to Breeders hiding how many dogs they have or how their facility is run and they wear hiding something from the public. But after years of Breeding Boxers I have heard of a breeder that lost an entire litter due to people touching and handling one pup. Which killed the entire litter. This is why we have a visitation policy set in place. Now I truly understand that the best and most responsible breeders do not let you in to their homes or kennels to protect litters on the ground and future litters to come. This is in the best interest of my puppies and adult Boxers, we are very careful about preventing the transmission of diseases to them. We take every precaution that we can to make sure that our puppies are not exposed to any kinds of disease that you may carry on your shoes or even on your hands. These diseases can be picked up and carried on your shoes for days, anywhere a dog has been, parks, pet stores, rest stops, parking lots, anywhere. Therefore as a precaution no one is allowed to touch or handle or visit while invalidated puppies are on the premises.

We loved people coming and meeting the puppies and the parents however it is very risky and exposes them to infectious diseases and puts the already bought puppies at risk; we do not allow visitors in our home, but with exceptions. Our home is where current litters and future litters will be housed and we do not want anything carried in to the puppies or premises. If you are interested in one of our puppies, we will provide photos and videos at 4 and 6 weeks. And on our website we post weekly pictures of pups and email you photos and information on puppies weekly . When you reserve a puppy with us , Your pup will be marked with your first name and state you are from. Finally At 8 weeks of age, you meet your new fur friend and take him home with you. For a life time of adventure. You are more than welcome to pick up your puppy but I will meet you outside the house with the puppy. You can also see the mom and dad but at a distance you are not allowed to go and pet on them. Because they also live in the house with the puppies and I don't want them to carry anything in my home. I will have hand sanitizer and shoe booties for you to put on when you step out of the car. This might sound crazy but it protects my Boxer Babies and that's are mane goal at Obeng Boxers the safety and well being of litters now and to come. I know some will still think we are hiding something and be upset. But I assure you we are looking out for the best interest of my Boxers.

Also we do not allow any other dogs or animals around our dogs/puppies. PLEASE leave your other animals at home,

Think of how you would feel for me to call you and tell you that your puppy is

sick or has died from the results of me allowing visitors in my home and they

have carried in some kind of infectious diseases in to your puppy. It is a very difficult and heart breaking thing to have to watch , not only for the families , but for my self I have delivered some time hand fed and been with my boxer babies since birth. I always tell buyers puppies are like newborn babies, until all shots are complete; they are susceptible to many different diseases and illnesses. horrible, painful death.

 .Parvo- (parvovirus), Canine Parvovirus, commonly referred to as parvo, is a very serious viral disease in dogs. The most common form of Parvo is intestinal and most commonly seen today. It causes extreme damage to the lining of the digestive tract. Parvo likes to grow in rapidly dividing cells and the intestinal lining has the biggest concentration of rapidly dividing cells in a puppy’s body. The virus attacks and destroys certain portions of the intestinal tract. Even with this form of Parvo, heart muscle damage may also occur.

Symptoms: Loss of appetite, Vomiting, Lethargy, High Fever, Diarrhea, often bloody, Foul smelling, liquid yellow stool.

Parvovirus causes severe life-threatening illness, through dehydration, acid-base imbalance, infection and shock. If you suspect your pet may be infected, it is an emergency and you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Parvo is carried by dogs. Adult dogs may be infected carriers and not show signs. Dogs with the typical symptoms and diarrhea shed the virus perhaps for as long as 7 days after the symptoms have ended. Generally, it takes 3 to 10 days from the time of exposure for symptoms to appear and for your dog or pup to test positive. The onset of clinical signs is usually sudden, within 12 hours, or even less. The Parvovirus is particularly long-lived in the environment, lasting anywhere from 1 to 7 months, or even a year. Due to the large amounts of virus particles shed in the feces of an infected dog and the ability of the virus to survive, complete eradication of the virus is often impossible.

Parvo may be brought home to your pup on shoes, hands, and even your vehicle tires. Even if your dog or pup does not leave your yard, they may get this disease if precautions aren’t taken.


To protect are reserved puppies and future litters and are adult Boxers. Leave other animals at home.

Thanks for understanding are current policy. We are reputable kennel with the best interest in are adult Boxers and are Puppies. We do not want to have to make a dreaded call to let you know a pup has died due to letting some one in to are home.

Thank you Sheila Obeng

Obeng Boxers Unlimited